Become one of our certified Reseller to offer Apparound to your customers

Do you want to grow your business?

  • Large Market Opportunity
    Sales productivity is a fast-growing market at over 15% annual growth.
  • All-in-one sales productivity app
    We digitise sales and simplify sales for businesses.
  • Partner Focus
    Committed to partners. We reward investment—you invest, we invest. We win together!
  • Build your business
    Partnering with Apparound can help you expand your business, engage customers, and generate more revenue.

Become a reseller partner

apparound affiliate partner programme

Reseller Partner sales process

Apparound Partner Programme

Sell Apparound

Sell the Apparound product directly to your customers.

Apparound Partner Programme

Sign the contract

Sign the contract with your customer.

Apparound Partner Programme

Order the subscriptions

Order the subscriptions from Apparound.

Apparound Partner Programme

Invoice your customer

Invoice your customer directly.

Apparound Partner Programme

Pay Apparound

Pay Apparound for the subscriptions.

Benefits of being a Reseller Partner

Apparound Partner Programme

More Opportunities

Partnering with Apparound will open new opportunities to grow your business.

Apparound Partner Programme

More Engagement

Provide more value to your customer base and strengthen your relationships.

Apparound Partner Programme

More Customers

Expand your customer base, generate new business and increase revenues.

Apparound Partner Programme

More Digital

Experience a new way of selling. As a Reseller Partner you will enjoy Apparound’s full product.

Reseller Programme FAQs

  • Why partner with Apparound?

    When you join the Apparound Reseller Programme, you’ll be working with the most innovative and simplest sales productivity product on the market. Your success is our success, and we will collaborate with you to make this possible.

  • Who should become Reseller?

    Any company, who sells software products or services, with an existing customer base in the following industries; Manufacturing, Services, Retail, Tech Media Telco and Food & Beverage.

  • Who sells to the customer?

    You the Reseller. As an Apparound Reseller you will have full ownership of the customer relationship, including the contract and invoicing. Apparound provides you support in the background.

  • How much money can I make?

    As a Reseller you will sell and invoice the Apparound product to your customers, at the price that you will decide. For each sale, you will then order the subscription from Apparound. Apparound will then invoice you at a very attractive discounted rate. The revenue you generate depends on the number and volume of sales that you make. We will discuss further at the 1st introduction call.

  • Who Invoices the customer?

    You the Reseller.

  • Are there any requirements becoming a Reseller Partner?

    The key requirement is your ambition to sell the Apparound product. What we ask is that you make a commitment to sell a minimum number of new subscriptions every year. We will discuss this in a first introduction call.

  • As a Reseller of Apparound what is my investment?

    As an Apparound Reseller you will onboard to the full Apparound product suite and get access to training and our Inside Sales team for sales support. There is start-up fee and an annual partner fee. We will discuss this further at the first introduction call.

  • What investment does Apparound make for Reseller?

    We will provide the Apparound product at a heavily discounted rate for your own company use – you can sell any product through the Apparound software. We call this Apparound-4-Partners, which will also give you access to all the Apparound sales materials and pre-loaded Quoting Engine. In addition we will co-invest in your onboarding, training and sales support.

  • Can my company be both an Affiliate and Reseller?

    Yes this is possible. You can register as an Affiliate on the website. Click here.

How to become an Apparound Reseller Partner

  • 1

    Contact us

    Complete the Become a Reseller Partner form and we will contact you to discuss.

  • 2

    Agree partnership

    Onboard to the Apparound Reseller Partner Programme.

  • 3

    Sell Apparound

    Start selling the Apparound product to your customers.