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Welcome to the Apparound Affiliate Programme

The Affiliate Programme is perfect for small IT companies, business consultants, marketing agencies, and anyone with a passion for small and medium business.

Thanks to the Affiliation Programme you will be able to:

  • grow your business,
  • suggest a value solution to your customers and make them more loyal,
  • help make the sales process of your customers more effective.

It’s free to join and a great way to earn success fees on the customers you refer and who become Apparound customers.

Our solution assists sellers all through the sales cycle: from pitching the marketing materials as digital contents (brochures, videos, etc.) to offer configuration through to the closing of the deal and the finalisation of the order with electronic signature; all through an extremely simple process.

Apparound Affiliate
  • 15% success fee

    When the contact becomes an Apparound customer, we will let you know, and pay you a success fee for the first year.

  • Quarterly payements

    The first year, you will receive every three months, a 15% success fee based on of the amount paid by the customer to Apparound.

  • Join for free

    No specific requirements, apply online in just two minutes and simply refer your customer using the form online.

The New Lead referral process

affiliate partner

Click “Register”

Click on the “Register” button, at the bottom of this page to join the Apparound Affiliate Programme.

Apparound Partner Programme

Log in

Log in to send us a New Lead. The registration is required only once. You can always modify your information in the Profile section.

Apparound Partner Programme

Send New Lead

Complete the New Lead form to send us a new lead.

Apparound Partner Programme

Apparound sells

Sit back, as Apparound will contact the New Lead to start the sales process.

Benefits of being an Affiliate Partner

Apparound Partner Programme

Help your customers

Introduce your customers to a flexible all-in-one sales productivity app.

Apparound Affiliate Partner Programme

Earn money

Get a success fee when a lead become Apparound customer.

Apparound Partner Programme

Easy to refer

There is no paperwork, simply refer your customers online.

Affiliate Programme FAQs

  • Why become an Affiliate Partner?

    Because it is your opportunity to help your customers improve their Sales Productivity and grow their businesses, which they will be very appreciative about.

  • Which customers should you refer?

    Apparound helps businesses to improve sales productivity. Businesses in the following 5 sectors already benefit from using Apparound; Manufacturing, Services, Retail, Tech Media Telco and Food & Beverage. For more information, click here, to see how we help these industries.

  • Who sells to the customer?

    Once you have sent us the New Lead, Apparound will sell to the customer.

  • Does Apparound need help in the sales process?

    We are always grateful if you provide a warm introduction to the New Lead. For example, once you’ve submitted the New Lead to us, you could send an email to your customer and let them know Apparound will be in contact.

  • How does Apparound sell?

    We realise that your customers are very valuable, and we will always take the up most care in contacting the New Leads you send us. Here is how our sales process works;

    Step 1: Upon receiving your referrals, we will send the contact an email to let them know we will be contacting them (and we will make sure you get the credit)

    Step 2: Apparound will reach out to the contact for a first discussion.

    Step 3: At the end of the call, if the contact is interested to progress further we will arrange a follow-up meeting

    Step 4: When the contact becomes an Apparound customer, we will let you know, and pay you the success fee.

  • Are there any requirements for sending a New Lead?

    The most important requirement is that you know the customer, and that you have confirmed that the customer would like to be contacted directly by Apparound.

  • Can my company be both an Affiliate and Reseller Partner?

    Yes this is possible. Please contact us if you wish to be a Reseller partner.

  • When do I get paid the success fee?

    Payment is made when lead become Apparound customer and have paid for the Apparound product.