Expand your business, become an Apparound Certified Partner

Welcome to the Apparound Partner Programme

The Apparound Partner Programme is ideal for all IT or ICT companies system integrators, consulting firms, software developer, integration and reseller companies, willing to develop a new line of business to compete in a fast-paced growing market with a CAGR YoY > 20%, and becoming technical experts on the Apparound platform.

Thanks to the Partner Programme you will be able to:

  • increase your revenues through Apparound licenses,
  • sell and deliver professional services related to the platform implementation, hyper-care and “business as usual” support services,
  • get the opportunity to develop outsourcing offerings for your customers using Apparound stunning features as enabling technology,
  • get and use Apparound for your own business.

In order to guarantee our customers high quality and effective implementations of Apparound platform, you will follow a training path, obtain your certification and be recognised as Certified Partner. After the Certification you will know the platform with his deep commercial and technical capabilities, support customers and use standard product integrations.

Our app, developed for sellers to make selling easier, combines content and quoting together to improve sales productivity.

Apparound technical partner programme
  • Increase your revenues selling licenses

    Promote a value-added service and earn lifetime a success fee for every new Apparound customer.

  • Deliver Professional and Outsourcing Services

    Increase your revenues, gain from set-up, first level support and selling Professional and Outsourcing services.

  • Expand your business in a fast-growing market

    Gain visibility in a fast-growing market by becoming part of a list of Certified Partners that Apparound customers can choose.

Partners process

become a partner

Complete the submission form

If you are interested in becoming a Technical Partner, click the Become a Partner button below or follow this link to submit your request. We will contact you shortly for an introduction call and to book a meeting.

technical partner apparound

Arrange a call and a meeting

During the call we will qualify you to be sure that your profile is eligible as Partner for selling licenses, customers set-up, automation and onboarding. If so, we will explain to you all the benefits on becoming a partner and the commitment required.

partner certificate

Get your Certification

You will be asked to sign the partnership agreement and then you will follow a training path and get your Certification.

apparound technical partner programme

Sell Apparound licenses and Professional Services

After the Certification you will know the platform with his deep technical functionalities, support customers and use standard product integrations (through Zapier, API and Webhooks)

Benefits of being a Partner

technical partner programme

Be ready

The training path you will follow, will give you the technical skills to deliver Professional Services and the knowledge to be ready to answer customers set-up or integration needs.

apparound technical programme

Be there

To deliver our customers high quality implementations, you will be part of a selected list of Certified Technical Partner that customer can choose when buying Apparound.

apparound technical partner programme

More revenues

Generate new business on professional services and product selling, and increase revenues.

Apparound Partner Programme

More digital

Experience a new way of selling using Apparound. As a Technical Partner you will be part of the Apparound sales’ digitisation ecosystem.

Partner Programme FAQs

  • Why partner with Apparound?

    Joining the Apparound Partner Programme, you’ll be working with the most innovative and simplest sales productivity product on the market. You will be able to sell Apparound and part of a selected network of Certified Partners to deliver Professional Services to Apparound’s customers. Increase your revenues and your customer base with a new business, your success is our success, and we will collaborate with you to make this possible.

  • Who should become a Partner?

    Any company with the ambition of growing their business by selling Apparound to their customers, or by providing technical services and integration activities with the platform.

  • How much money can I make?

    As a Partner you will sell Apparound licences earning lifetime a success fee.
    You will have a chance to develop a new line of business competing in a fast-paced growing market with a CAGR YoY > 20%, and get the opportunity to develop outsourcing offerings for your customers using Apparound stunning features as enabling technology.
    You will also invoice Professional Services to your customers at the price that you decide, or following the price list of our Service Pack if we refer an Apparound customer to you.

  • Who invoices the customer for professional services?

    You the Partner, at the price that you decide. If we refer to you an Apparound’s customer, you will need to follow the price of our Service Pack list.

  • Are there any requirements becoming a Partner?

    The key requirement is your ambition to become a Certified Apparound Partner.  We will discuss this in a first introduction call.

  • As a Partner of Apparound what is my investment?

    As an Apparound Partner you will get access to training material and certification path. There is an annual partner fee to pay. We will discuss this further at the first introduction call.

  • What investment does Apparound make for Partners?

    You will have access to all the Apparound training and sales materials, we will give you all the technical skill needed to support customer’s set-ups, customisation or integration needed.
    You will also have commercial skills to sell Apparound, we will support you if you need help during negotiations and you will be given free licences to access Apparound platform with pre-loaded contents.

  • Can my company be both Affiliate and Partner?

    Yes this is possible, is a a great way to earn success fees on the customers you refer and who become Apparound customers.

  • Can my company be both Reseller and Partner?

    Yes, if your company meets both partnership requirements a Reseller can become a Partner and vice versa.